Section 2 - Registration / Appointment Scheduler

Basic patient registration, the section covers the following registration
- Register a person who is the Patient, Responsible Party and Insured
- Register a person who only has one insurance
- Register a person who has dual insurance
- Register a person who is ONLY the patient
- Register a person who has insurance that changes
- Register a person who is a Workers Compensation patient
- Register a person who is a Medi-Cal patient
- Register a person who has Medicare as their secondary insurance
- Register a person who is a Cash patient or has no insurance

Quick Patient Registration
Instructions on how to quickly register a patient

Appointment Scheduler Setup
Appointment Scheduler Setup for Provider, Facility and Resources

Appointment Scheduler - Display Filters
How to use display filters and schedule tabs within the Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler
How to schedule appointments for new and existing patients

Appointment Scheduler - Printing
How to print
- Encounter Forms
- Registration Summaries
- Chart Pulls
- Appointment Day Sheets
from the Appointment Scheduler

Chart Locations
Utilizing Chart Locations within the Appointment Scheduler

RP Payment via Appointment Scheduler
How to create Responsible Party payments (co-pays) from the Appointment Scheduler
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User Manual Sections

Section 1 - System Setup
Basic TCXMED System Setup

Section 2 - Registration/Appts
Patient Registration and Appointment Entry

Section 3 - Charge Entry
Basic Charge Entry and UB04 Billing

Section 4 - Claim Processing
Electronic and Paper claim processing

Section 5 - Payment Entry
Basic Payment Entry and Adjustment

Section 6 - Statement Processing
Paper and Electronic Statement Processing

Section 7 - Reports Q & A
Answers to your report questions

Label printing
Sending messages via TCXMED
Sample Encounter Forms